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The Best Sport in The World

Football rather known as Soccer in the USA. Football orginatezed in England back in 1863. Football is a sport with two teams each with 11 players and a net on both sides of the field. The objective is too get the Football into the net ans score a point. Game last up to 90 minutes with two half of 45 min each. If both teams are tied after 90 minutes the game goes into extra time which is 30 minutes long anf if the two teams are still tied the game goes on to penalties.


There are many rules of in the sport of Football and breaking such rules will earn you a yellow card which is a warning. A player can get a yellow card if they do a unfair act to a player such as a such push, tug on shirt, or just commting a foul to the other team. If a player gets two yellow card they will recive a red card and the player will have to leave the field and will be suspended for more than a game. A red card will given to a player when a heavy foul is commited like slide tackling a person without holding back or injuring a player.

There are also other rules which will restict how player how to play for example the Offside rule. The offside rule is a rule where a player can't be past the last defenders of the the other team. So a player cant be past the defender because it's unfair because a player could stand near the other goal and wait for a pass from a teammate while the defender are futher in the field.

In Football there are multiple differnt position to choose from and each position has its cons and pro and each player has the preffered position they like the most.

  • Different Positions
  • Every Four years there is a tourment between countries to win a trophy. The trophy is called the World Cup which is the most vaulable trophy is the world.Every player wants to win the World Cup bt its the most difficult trophy to win and the biggest event of Football in the world.

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  • Top 5 Best Player of All Time

    Name Team
    Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United
    Liomel Messi Paris Saint-German
    Pele Santos FC
    Diego Maradona Boca Juniors
    Neymar Jr Paris Saint-German